Monday, October 26, 2009

1948 GMC Donated to Calif Fire Museum

Yesterday, Sunday Oct. 25, we finally completed a two year process of acquiring one of Orange County Fire Department's old engines. It is a 1948 GMC ORCO-CDF shop built fire engine. This engine has a long history with the Orange County FD serving at a number of location in it's early years, including ORCO Sta. 21 (Red Hill), the Orange County Airport, Sta. 27, Sta. 6 (South Laguna) Sta. 29 (Doheny) reserve engine, and then donated to the Holy Jim Vol FD in Trabuco Canyon in the 70s. We will be putting together a complete history and photos of this rig to go with it when on display. This rig served the Holy Jim very well from the 70s till just a few days ago when they received a newer surplus OCFA GMC brush engine. Most of the Holy Jim folks were excited about their new engine, while at the same time, sad to see old "Gertrude" leave the canyon for the last time. But they were happy to know she will be preserved in a fire museum with recognition of their time with the old gal.

Gertrude is now safe at her new home in Big Bear, California and will reside their for a time while Brian Grimes does some work on the motor and running gear. Brain has volunteered do this and store it for as long as it will take to complete his restoration of the rig. He has a soft spot in his heart for this rig as he was a part of the Holy Jim VFD for a time and took care of the rig during his time with the HJVFD. Brain brought his Ford duly pick-up truck and trailer to pick up the 48 GMC and had a safe uneventful trip up the mountain yesterday. A big thanks to Brain for all his hard work on this project

Ready for the trip to Big Bear.

Left, 48 GMC donated to CFM.

Center, GMC up for sale.
Right, New GMC brush engine.


  1. Thanks for posting this Don! I've included your blog on our website. Thanks again, Marcie

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