Friday, October 1, 2010

Calif Fire Museum Safety Learning Center

The California Fire Museum has been posting two blog sites for some time. From this date forward we will only be keeping up one blog site as we move into our next phase. It will ease our work load and simplify our communicating with the public. To see our latest blog, and updated CFM info, go to our main Blog at: You can alos check out our Web site at or on facebook at:

Monday, June 21, 2010

Extra - Extra Read all about it!!

California Fire Museum News Release

A California Non Profit Charitable Organization dedicated to public safety education and to preserving the history of the Fire Service in Orange County, throughout California and the nation.

An effort made possible by the merging of the Orange County Fire Historical Society and the California Fire Museum.


CONTACT: Don Croucher, President (949) 493-8718


After several years of planning, the California Fire Museum and Public Safety Education Center was approved by the Orange County Great Park, Board of Directors, today as one of the first venues to be placed in the Great Park in Irvine, California.

The 31,600-square-foot facility, designed with a mix of exhibits, interactive learning facilities and multi-purpose space for classes and other events, will be located on nearly three acres adjacent to the Great Park balloon ride. The project will be built in several phases.

Phase # 1 will begin with a 5,800-square-foot "public safety education center" on 1.2 acres at an approximate $5 million price tag, with construction beginning within the next three years.

Don Croucher, President of the California Fire Museum, noted: "To be selected as one of the first venues in the Great Park is a great honor. Now the hard work begins, seeking support from all aspects of the community and the financial resources from philanthropic organizations and others required to bring this concept to reality".

The California Fire Museum and Public Safety Education Center will be the first of its kind in California and unique among similar facilities throughout the country. A premiere destination for the public and fire service professionals to engage in educational and cultural programs, the venue will provide a full range of learning experiences, using advanced technologies, to bring historical and other displays to life, and facilitated learning through the use of interactive multimedia presentations and experiences.

As one of the first to be approved by the Great Park Board, the California Fire Museum and Public Safety Education Center will serve as a preview site for those that follow and a partner in developing this park into the greatest urban park in the nation from the ground up.

Spanning more than 1,300 acres, nearly twice the size of New York’s Central Park, the Great Park will be the largest urban park in the United States. Its location, in the center of Orange County, California, situates the Great Park in a diverse metropolitan community of three million located halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego and easily accessible to more than 10,000,000 Southern California residents.

The California Fire Museum Board does not intend to wait for construction to be completed. It plans to continue the community outreach it has provided for several decades and has a list of events to be held at the Great Park in the near future and as the project is developed.

David Hubert, Vice President of the California Fire Museum, agreed with Don Croucher: "We are looking for sponsors, members and assistance from the fire service, related organizations, the public it serves and particularly those with the financial resources to bring the Public Safety Education Center to reality".

For more information and for opportunities to support and fund this effort, contact the California Fire Museum and Public Safety Education Center web site at: and for information on the Orange County Great Park contact:

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Great Park Feasibility Presentation Jun 17th

From: Don Croucher

Subject: Re-Presentation of our Great Park Feasibility Study

Well it's that time again. This week on Thursday June 17 our Priority Program Feasibility Study (PPFS) will be presented again to the Great Park Board at their June Board Meeting. Our first PPFS Presentation was on January 28, 2010. At this meeting our Feasibility Study was not approved and was continued to a future Great Park Board meeting. Our PPFS was stalled for a time due to some changes in the Great Park Design Studio staff. Over the past few months we have been working to update our PPFS with more emphasis on the phasing of the building size and funds needed to build.

We encourage all interested parties to attend this GP Board meeting in support of our Fire Museum and Safety Learning Center at the Great Park. You can view the GP Board meeting Agenda on the Great Park web site at: On the GP web site, click on ABOUT, then "Board Meetings", look under "Upcoming Board Meetings" click on June 17 AGENDA. On the AGENDA, go down to item number 5, Click on the blue highlighted heading, Our PDF file will appear in the "Supporting Materials box on the right. Click on the PDF symbol. This will take you to our GP Board Presentation documents such as, Recommended action, Executive Summary and a map of our new location. This will give you a good perspective on what our Feasibility Study (PPFS) is all about. At least this time we are the first item under Business after the Consent Calendar.

You could also send an e-mail to the Great Park Board, in support of our Fire Museum / Safety Center at the Great Park. To send a support e-mail go to their web site at and click on ABOUT then click on CONTACT to leave a message. Or send a e-mail to Irvine Mayor Kang at:

The Great Park is looking for projects with community support, so please send a message or attend the GP Board meeting on June 17, 10 AM at the Irvine City Hall in the Council Chambers.

We need your support to make this happen!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

CFM Great Park Feasibility Study

Great Park CFM Feasibility Study Update

Things are finally kicking into high gear for our Fire Museum & Safety Learning Center at the Orange County Great Park. After our January 28th Feasibility Study Presentation to the Great Park Board was continued to a future GP Board meeting, things had been moving a little slow.
Our Feasibility Study needed to be reworked with more emphasis on the phasing of our building to cut down on the 30,000 Sq Ft size and the need for millions in funding. The reworked Feasibility Study will feature a more modest 5,000 to 10,000 Sq. Ft. first phase building that will put our project more in line with today’s weak economy and available funds.
After several months we were concerned over the lack of any rescheduling of our feasibility study meetings and nothing on the GP Board meeting agendas about the funding of our continued feasibility study.
On Thursday, May 7, a meeting was held at the Great Park Corporate offices with the Great Park CEO, Deputy CEO and Design Studio.
The discussion started with the subject of our feasibility study being brought up at the April GP Board meeting and went on to say they agree something needs to be done to get our feasibility study finished and presented to the GP Board. They also wanted to make sure we did not head in the wrong direction and get involved in any bad politics or misunderstandings regarding our project with the Great Park. They wanted to assure us they were absolutely on our side and will be making sure our feasibility study would be finished in a timely manner. They explained the delay in finishing up our feasibility study was due to the ending of the contract with the Design Studio and the transitioning of all the feasibility studies, including finishing ours, to the new company, WRNS Studio. WRNS is the company which will be responsible for the construction phase of the Great Park, as well as the existing and future feasibility studies. They wanted to reassure us the delay in no way was because they had lost interest in our project. The transition also required new contracts and realigning the funding to cover the cost of all the feasibility studies and lining up the new team with which studies they would be working on.
They then asked if we had anything to say on the matter of our feasibility study. We told them how hard it was to keep our following interested year after year as we progress through this very lengthy process. We explained how long we had been involved dating back the closing of the base in the late ‘90s and our first attempt with the Orange County Redevelopment Agency, our first presentation to the Great Park Conservancy. We felt there could have been a little more information given to us as to what was going on after the Feasibility Presentation was continued to a future GP Board meeting. The lack of information led us to think there may be other reasons for not continuing our study. Such as, we did not fit the political image or not having the funding needed to finance our high-end project. We also explained how we were waiting for something from the Great Park to show we were accepted as a viable project with space set aside for our building. Something we could give to corporate sponsors or to include in our grant writing.
They assured us they have been working on our feasibility study and have a partial draft in the works on our phasing of the building. They are looking at two or three phases depending on what we feel would work. A suggested 5,000 Sq Ft first phase with a follow-up phase of maybe 10,000, depending how the first phase works out funding-wise. We mentioned we are willing to start out with the 5,000 Sq Ft as long as we are guaranteed the same land space to allow future expansion up to the original 30,000 Sq Ft. We just wanted to make sure we have the space for future expansion, plus space for outside events and exhibits.
We also discussed with them our need for more information regarding fund-raising aspects on Great Park property. IE, if a corporate sponsor wanted to donate $10 million towards our building and in return wanted their name displayed on the outside of the building, much like the corporate world does for the sports stadiums (Staple Center, Honda Center) Their answer to this was they are working with CHORA, the company they hired to come up with funding opportunities for the Great Park. CHORA is putting together guidelines dealing with this very item. They are about 75% complete on the guidelines. There was a lot of discussion on this item as it has come up for many of the other groups and their feasibility studies. It was also suggested we have a meeting with CHORA to discuss our funding possibilities. This may happen next week as CHORA will be in town to meet with the Great Park people. We need more positive input from them so we can further our fund-raising plans. They felt some of the answers we are looking for could come from our meeting with CHORA and the CHORA guidelines once completed.
They wanted to make sure we still put a positive foot forward and not cut back too much because of the feasibility study not being accepted at the January GP Board meeting.
We asked what our next step is after our feasibility study is approved. Do we need to provide a master plan or a proposal for the land and how we plan to raise the funds or what? They said because this is a public project, we need to move forward cautiously and they must be carful what they commit to. They felt we should concentrate on getting our feasibility study approved. With this we will have a better opportunity to move forward and other opportunities will open as a result of our feasibility study being approved by the GP Board.
They also felt that we may have entered into our bid for a place in the Great Park too early in the game. We responded with us being a grass roots organization it was difficult to know when was the right time. So we had followed this project from even before the Great Park was a reality and was under the control of the County.
We did not want to wait and then enter too late as there was a huge interest by many groups from around the county wanting in on the ground floor at the Great Park. We feel our persistence, determination and perseverance has paid off in the long run. Those with a huge endowment can afford to take a different approach and still get in at the last minute.
They did say the time is right now as great things are beginning to happen at the Great Park with the beginning of the construction phase. So much so, many organizations who stepped back in the beginning are now coming back looking to be included in the park.
They look at us as a project they very much want to see become a part of the Great Park and we are in a very good position to make this happen. They see us as one of the groups (fire, police and military) which people look favorable towards, therefore want to make sure these groups are represented in the Great Park.

In closing, they want to set up several meetings with us and WRNS Studio, the new group facilitating the feasibility studies, in the next several weeks to finish up our feasibility study in preparation for the June 17 Great Park Board meeting. They emphasized, the most important item right now is to get this feasibility study completed and approved by the GP Board. Then we can move on to bigger and better things.

Mark your calendar for June 17, 10 AM for our Great Park Board Meeting Presentation at Irvine City Hall.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Great Park Feasibility Update

Great Park Fire Museum – Safety Center Feasibility Study

Here is an update on how we are doing with our Feasibility Study for the Orange County Great Park.

Since our Feasibility Study Presentation to the Great Park Board on January 28, where it was recommended the matter be continued to a meeting in March, nothing has taken place as of yet.

We have had one meeting with the Great Park Design Studio after the presentation which was not very productive. At this meeting a discussion was held regarding a new approach which included a phasing of the building plans. A future meeting was scheduled to further discuss this phasing plan. Also the presentation of our reworked plan was tentatively set for the May 20 Great Park Board meeting.

We were then notified that our next Design Studio meeting would be canceled and the May 20 date for our presentation would have to be postponed to a future Great Park Board meeting.

The reason given for no further GP Design Studio meetings and the postponement of our May 20 presentation was because the GP Design Studio had run out of funds to work on our feasibility study. This meant they would have to return to the Great Park Board to request addition funds to complete our unfinished Fire Museum – Safety Center Feasibility Study.

To date we have seen no item in the Great Park Board Meeting Agendas to indicate this request for additional funds for our study was forth coming??

Last week I had a meeting with a GP Board member to see if I could gain any insight on our feasibility study. Nothing has been discussed at any past board briefings or from any other board members regarding our future return to the board. I asked if this could be brought up at the April 22 GP Board meeting. It is felt the Board and Design Studio is overwhelmed with all the feasibility studies and the change from design to construction phase at the Great Park. Most of the board is unaware of our “no funds available” aspect regarding our feasibility study. Some board members have not seen a copy of our 265 page feasibility study book.

I attended the April 22 Great Park Board meeting and did hear some discussion regarding our feasibility study and why it had not been rescheduled. Chair Agran commented that we were over due for our return and hoped it could be scheduled for the May board meeting.

After the meeting was adjourned I spoke with several board members who were surprised and unaware of the insufficient funds to continue our feasibility study and suggested I talk to Assist. CEO Cliff Wallace. I did talked to Cliff Wallace and he indicated he would see what he can do to get this back on track.

Yesterday I sent a e-mail to the GP Design Studio to see if they had any updated information on our study. There reply stated, “ we are working on another strategy, will have to get back to you at a later date. We want to assure you your project is forefront in our plans.

Stay tuned for any further updates also on Twitter and Facebook.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Great Park Board Meeting Jan. 28, 2010

CFM Great Park Board meeting Feasibility Study Presentation:

The Great Park Board meeting, where our long awaited Fire Museum Feasibility Study was presented to the GP Board, was held last Thursday, January 28, 2010 at 10 AM. After a long morning of listing to other presentations to the board, our presentation was last on the agenda, we finally heard the GP Design Studio present our Priority Program Feasibility Study (PPFS) Fire Museum & Safety Learning Center: Findings from second level analysis; and next phase recommendations.

The presentation to the GP Board was only a short overview of the 290 page Feasibility Study report given to each board member a week ago.The outcome of this meeting was not what we were expecting. After a long dissertation by each GP Board member, some a little confusing in my opinion and some off the subject at hand, the board voted to bring this item back to the board after 60 days.

To view the GP Board meeting video,with our CFM presentation, on the Great Park web site follow the instructions below.

***************************************************************************************Here Here is the path to the Priority Programs Feasibility Study (PPFS)- Fire Museum & Safety Learning Center.

1. click on:

2. Locate and click on the top, brown tab named "ABOUT" and pull downand select Board Meetings

3. Once on the Board meeting site, scroll down to January 28, 2010 and scroll over to far right and click on VIDEO (orange)

4. Once the video starts, Click on the black 'down' arrow in the box "Jump To..." and choose#10 (Priority Programs Feasibility Study)

5. The video will move to our Priority Program Feasibility Presentation. (Minute counter at right should read 1:23:19)

This will allow you to view the entire GP Design Studio presentation for our fire museum safety center, each GP Board member comments, Public comments by Ronny Coleman, Dan Coffman and Don Croucher, Chair Agran discussion, my ending clarification comments and the final vote.

Don Forsyth could not attend the board meeting, but did send in a letter of support from the Orange County Fire Historical Society.

This entire fire museum segment of the Great Park Board meeting takes 1 hour, 31 minutes.

The next GP board meeting, when we will be heard again, will be in March (60 days).

We will go over the board comments, and our next step in this process, at our January 25 CFM Board meeting.

If you have any questions contact:

Don Croucher, President
California Fire Museum Public Safety Education Center
Orange County Fire Historical Society

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Tomorrow, Thursday, Jan 28th is our BIG DAY at the Great Park Board meeting, 10 AM, at the Irvine City Hall. The Great Park Design studio will present our Feasibility Study to the GP Board. We need everyone to come and show support for our Fire Museum Safety Center project. Please bring an old fire helmet to show your support. We have been working at this for over 5 years!! A positive vote from the GP Board will set aside space at the Great Park for our fire museum safety center.