Tuesday, September 29, 2009

CFM Great Park Feasibility Study Update

Great Park Update, The First 3 Feasibility Studies

These first feasibility studies will give us a good idea of what ours will look like and what to expect from the Great Park Board for CFM

This month the Board of Directors for the Orange County Great Park voted to move forward with several potential park projects such as an amphitheater, nature education garden, community organization center, and heritage and aviation museum. The following are details pertaining to the board's decisions regarding:

Amphitheater: the OCGP Board approved a $93,000 agreement with Live Nation to study building an amphitheater at the Great Park. The exact details regarding the size and location of the amphitheater have not been specified but as demonstrated by the great success of the park's summer performances there is a great interest in bringing a performing arts venue to the Great Park.

Nature Education Garden: the OCGP Board designated 11.6 aces for a Nature Education Garden which will be created in partnership with the Discovery Science Museum in Santa Ana. This Nature Education Garden hopes to provide guests with a sample of the park's botanical gardens and science museum which have yet to be built.

Community Organization Center: the OCGP Board set aside 3.5 acres for a community center. This center will provide a regional, multi-tenant, non-profit center for public meetings and administrative offices. The center's close proximity to the Irvine transportation center make it an accessible location for local non-profit organizations to operate.

Museum of Heritage and Aviation: the OCGP Board approved plans for a 40-60,000 square foot Museum of Heritage and Aviation (MOHA). The MOHA will be located near the Great Park Balloon and Sports Park.

For more information on the Orange County Great Park please visit their website at: www.ocgp.org

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